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Multi-Instrumentalist Brahm Heidl grew up in swinging music city Cologne, Germany. At the age of nine he began his instruction in classical music at the renowned Humboldt-Musikgymnasium-Köln with a major in flute. When he was sixteen he felt attracted to rock music and took up the bass guitar. He welcomed every challenge as a live and studio musician, arranger and sound engineer and has also been working successfully as a music producer and composer for international artists.



Brahm is now living in Mallorca, where he runs his SOS Recording Studio. He has always felt grateful for being able to live his passion. Every instrument opened to him a new world of creativity for expressing his feelings. In 2009, for the first time after all these years, Brahm picked up his flute again and discovered the spiritual power of the instrument on a new level. This musical journey needed to be expressed and shared and he called the album: “ Listen to your Soul” - Album released February 2012.